Rotary Union


Rotary Unions are self-contained and self-supporting rotary seals used to transfer fluids such as steam, water air or oil, to and from rotating machinery.

  • Advanced Sealing System
  • Superior Alignment
  • Resists Debris Build-Up
  • Save ink patches on film and hence reduce the wastage
  • Helps in increasing the printing Quality by mixing the ink properly

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Technical Specifications
  • ApplicationDryers & Chemicals, Food Processing, PVC film, Paper, Water, Soap, Textile, Oil.
  • Material Aluminium, Brass and Casting Materials
  • TEMPERATURE (Max) Water : 95° C Thermic Fluid : 120° C Steam : 150° C
  • PRESSURE (Max) Water : 15 BAR Thermic Fluid : 10 BAR Steam : 8 BAR
  • Available Sizes 1/2", 3/4", 1", 2"