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Differential Staff

N.R.’s differential air shafts provide the most extremely sensitive tension control for light gauge and extensible films. It is designed to provide affordable solutions to slip differential winding, with a wide range of tension. Provides a number of features not available on other shafts:
  • Completely spacer less setups
  • Sensitive tension control for light gauge films
  • No line loss due to side loaded applied tension
  • To load the cores, operators simply slide cores across the shaft
  • Improved rewind quality
  • Adjustable Ball Bearing Keepers
  • capable of compensating speed variation due to gauge variation with multi cores.
Technical Specifications
Body Alloy steel / Aluminium
Load Capacity Upto 3000kg
Lug Steel/Rubber
Length Upto 4.0 meters
Air Pressure 0 to 6 Bar
End Piece Steel, Hard Chrome Plated & Tempered
Available Sizes 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, special size also available